Trentadue Winery Wedding – Healdsburg – Sharon & David

David and Sharon have been friends for years. They went to prom together. He just recently moved to California after living in Taiwan for 26 years. Even with distance, they always kept in touch. He proposed in Bali and they were married at a lovely winery in Healdsburg.

“Being with David was like coming home,” Sharon said. “After going to Senior Prom with him, we kept in touch and wrote many letters to each other throughout college. Even after college, he was my biggest fan. He’s always been a kindred spirit, a confidante and a BFF all rolled into one. And he’s a cutie too! After many years apart, he came out to the Bay Area to visit me for five weeks where our friendship blossomed into love. Then, when all my friends fell in love with him too, I knew that we could be together forever.”

After they got engaged, “I took a tour of Trentadue the weekend after I got back from Taiwan, saw the arbors and decided then and there that we HAD to get married there,” she said.

A friend’s daughter got married there and recommended it. Sharon scoped it out while David was still in Taiwan.

“I checked it out online and agreed it would be a perfect place for our wedding,” David said.

It is a beautiful venue and the weather was perfect the day of the wedding.

“Great weather follows wherever she goes,” David said.

Seeing each other for the first time before the ceremony was one of the most memorable moments for both of them. Seeing Sharon in all of her radiance was special for David, he said.

“To quote Jack Nicholson in “As Good As It Gets,” she makes me want to be a better man,” he said.

The tears that welled up in his eyes when he saw her made her happy.

Walking down the aisle was also really special. David sweetly paused during the procession to move hair out of his mother’s eyes.

Exchanging their “preambles” and vows, the toast and their first dance also topped the list.

“The first dance went by too fast for us to complete all the moves we practiced,” he said.

Although brief, they still looked great.

“We looked like we knew what we were doing, and that was after taking lessons just four days before!” Sharon said.

Even though the day went quicker than expected, Sharon said it was still beautiful like she envisioned it would be.

They plan to go to Hawaii for their honeymoon, and possibly Japan and Taiwan next spring.

Catering: Pacific Connection
Cake: Moustache Bakery (Healdsburg)
Flowers: Jory’s Flowers (Concord)
Band: Cosmo Alleycats
Videographer: Kristina Johnsen
Dress: Janene’s Bridal (Alameda)
Coordinator: Milestone Events
Venue: Trentadue

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