San Francisco Ghirardelli Square Wedding – McCormick & Kuleto’s – Andrea & Dwayne

Andrea started planning her wedding when she was 8. She kept a folder of wedding ideas so she could put them into action when the time came. Those ideas were the foundation for what her and fiance Dwayne used to create a unique wedding that was perfect for them. But as with many plans in life, things didn’t go exactly according to how they were meant to be. 

The government shut down the week before their wedding, and the Cliff House, where they had planned to get married, told them they had to find another location. While they faced the stressful change and worked to find another option they stayed positive and determined to enjoy their day, while dreaming about their upcoming honeymoon. 

“I asked Dwayne would he show up wherever we ended up getting married … He said yes. That’s all that mattered. And it didn’t hurt to know that we would be on a plane on our way to Hawaii soon after it was all done!” Andrea said.

The couple was married at McCormick and Kuleto’s in San Francisco’s Ghirardelli Square on a bright and beautiful fall day.

While some ideas Andrea had come up with organically changed over the years from what she once wanted, other things played out just like she imagined. 

“Most importantly I was standing with a man whom I love and adore and who loves, respects, and challenges me… That was always the priority in my wedding dreams,” she said. “As a kid I always imagined a HUGE wedding in my hometown with hundreds of people there. That was no longer something I wanted. I just wanted something small and intimate surrounded by people who we love. I knew I wanted to do everything myself, but having a man who is a designer really stepped that up. I think my favorite thing is the custom laser-cut wedding invitations he designed.”  (Invitations can be seen on their wedding website: .)

There were quite a few personal elements the couple included in their celebration. In addition to their red velvet cake, they had red velvet macaroons – Andrea’s favorite – for guests. They were in cute little boxes.

The macaroons were from Chantal Guillon in Hayes Valley, where Dwayne proposed. He had arranged the secret proposal with the shop. He had a Tiffany’s ring put into a container, which he pulled out and then asked her to marry him at the shop. She giggled, teared up and the rest is history. Their story began when a mutual friend introduced them in Atlanta. They hung out. And even though Dwayne is a home body and Andrea is more of a busy body, it worked. They kept hanging out. But then Dwayne decided to move to the Bay Area. … Andrea followed him.

“I couldn’t imagine my life without him,” she said. “When he moved to SF without me, I was heartbroken in a way I never had been before. I knew he was the one my soul desired.” 

He knew she was the one, as well.

“She is my balance. One of the few people who can pull me out of my shell and live life,” Dwayne said.  

As for most memorable moments of the day, one was when Dwayne mentioned the zombie apocalypse during his vows. “I didn’t see it coming and I almost couldn’t get it together after that!” Andrea said. 

Other moments she loved was seeing Dwayne’s mom dance with him. “She recently had double-knee replacement surgery, so we didn’t expect it,” Andrea said.

She also mentioned dancing with her dad and then seeing her parents go down the soul train line. Andrea said, “I’ve never seen my dad dance!”

Although their wedding plans changed due to unforeseen circumstances, it still turned out to be a beautiful celebration.

And, not long afterward, they were snorkeling their stress away in Maui. “Dwayne isn’t much for swimming, but seeing him enjoy that experience was the best!” the new bride said.

Cake: The Cakemaker
Favors: Chantal Guillon
Flowers: Laurel Designs
Chairs: Kristina V Events
Musicians: San Francisco Conservatory of Music
DJ: Tommy Fullove
Officiant: Irv Spivak
Rings: Andrea’s - Tiffany & Co.
           Dwayne- custom ring from D&H Sustainable Jewelers
Makeup: Danielle Suitt


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