San Francisco City Hall and Palace of Fine Arts Wedding – Leland & Amy

Amy moved to the Bay Area from China to be with Leland.

“I think when we first met, we both smiled and I felt it was the same type of smile. I thought she looked exactly like the women I want to marry. I hope she felt the same about me,” Leland said. “We had written to each other for over 6 months and I’ve seen photos of Amy, but she looks better in person. Although Amy was from China, she only spoke to me in English. I was impressed she worked so hard at it, because I can speak Chinese, so she didn’t have to speak in English.”

They were married at San Francisco City Hall.

The end of each event – getting ready, the wedding and the photo tour – were Leland’s favorite parts.

“And seeing Amy and realizing how beautiful she really was,” he said.

For Amy it was when they said their vows.

Tears welled in her eyes during the ceremony, which surprised Leland.

She said she had never seen him wear a suit, and he looked so handsome.

“Maybe it’s because I’m a guy, but I haven’t dreamed about what my wedding would be like, but the wedding was kind of like a dream in itself. I was actually marrying a beautiful and intelligent woman who loved me and who I loved,” Leland said.

Amy decided City Hall would be the best place to get married.

“When we went to a movie near Civic Center. We arrived early, so we took a walk and I showed her City Hall. We saw people getting married there and she loved the interior of the building. She thought it looked European and looked special,” Leland said.

And why did Amy travel so far to be with Leland?

“They say the combination of person and person, like an apple is cut in half, then the fate of these two half apples arranged in different places, in every corner of the world. People want to combine this apple, there is a need to continue to look for. Now, I find Leland on the other side of the world, so we get married,” she said.

They plan to either go to Disneyland or Tahoe for their honeymoon.

Makeup/Hair – Triple Twist
Wedding Gown – Macy’s
Hair Jewelry – David’s Bridal
Shoes – Shoes for You
Ring – James Allen (diamond), SF Diamond Exchange (ring)

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