Rock Wall Wine Company Wedding – Alameda – Zane & Monica

Exactly how she envisioned the day would unfold, Monica and Zane’s wedding at Rock Wall Wine Company was simple, elegant and fun.

They were married in April at the Alameda winery.

“We were looking for somewhere local since we had lots of family coming in from out of state, and the view could not be beat,” she said.

Their daughter Mazzee was the flower girl escorted by her big sister Kate.

“I did not expect my daughter to start wailing the moment before she was supposed to start walking down the aisle,” Monica said. “She held it together once her sister picked her up, but I was hoping she would walk herself down the aisle. She did look pretty happy in her sister’s arms though — she always is!”

“I think she thought the party was for her!”

After the intimate ceremony, guests gathered in Rock Wall’s dome to get the party started.

The most awesome part of the day for Monica was dancing with Zane.

“He made what could have been such an awkward moment so much fun by twirling and spinning me around!” she said. “I couldn’t stop laughing most of the time!”

In addition to making her laugh, “Zane is the epitome of romantic. He is constantly thinking of ways to spoil me and does so on a regular basis. He is thoughtful, loving, caring and considerate, and a great big teddy bear. ”

What drew Zane to Monica?

“It was not a specific appearance or trait, but a feeling,” he said. “I told myself that I would never get married again unless it was right. I was OK going through life on my own, but then I met Monica. I felt at home with Monica. It felt right. She is also a smart, successful, beautiful woman who I am very attracted to, but the reason I married her is that it was just right.”

The orange and yellow sunset over San Francisco as the first party came to a close was gorgeous.

The couple headed to the city after their Rockwall soiree with friends and family to continue their festivities.

“The highlight would have to be singing Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” in my wedding dress at the karaoke bar. #drunkbride,” according to Monica.

They headed to Hawaii for their honeymoon. The best part?

“Snorkeling in Shark’s Cove and surfing North Shore (aka getting pummeled by 5 foot waves.) Romantic sunsets. Zane becoming a Hawaiian warrior. Deciding it was a good idea to have “just one more shot of Fireball” before bed,” Monica said.

Venue: Rock Wall Wine Company
Catering: Mike Boyd at Scolari’s
Flowers: Carlos at Flowers by Flores

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