San Francisco City Hall Wedding – Christina & Steve

Trentadue Winery Wedding – Healdsburg – Sharon & David

David and Sharon have been friends for years. They went to prom together. He just recently moved to California after living in Taiwan for 26 years. Even with distance, they always kept in touch. He proposed in Bali and they were married at a lovely winery in Healdsburg.

“Being with David was like coming home,” Sharon said. “After going to Senior Prom with him, we kept in touch and wrote many letters to each other throughout college. Even after college, he was my biggest fan. He’s always been a kindred spirit, a confidante and a BFF all rolled into one. And he’s a cutie too! After many years apart, he came out to the Bay Area to visit me for five weeks where our friendship blossomed into love. Then, when all my friends fell in love with him too, I knew that we could be together forever.”

After they got engaged, “I took a tour of Trentadue the weekend after I got back from Taiwan, saw the arbors and decided then and there that we HAD to get married there,” she said.

A friend’s daughter got married there and recommended it. Sharon scoped it out while David was still in Taiwan.

“I checked it out online and agreed it would be a perfect place for our wedding,” David said.

It is a beautiful venue and the weather was perfect the day of the wedding.

“Great weather follows wherever she goes,” David said.

Seeing each other for the first time before the ceremony was one of the most memorable moments for both of them. Seeing Sharon in all of her radiance was special for David, he said.

“To quote Jack Nicholson in “As Good As It Gets,” she makes me want to be a better man,” he said.

The tears that welled up in his eyes when he saw her made her happy.

Walking down the aisle was also really special. David sweetly paused during the procession to move hair out of his mother’s eyes.

Exchanging their “preambles” and vows, the toast and their first dance also topped the list.

“The first dance went by too fast for us to complete all the moves we practiced,” he said.

Although brief, they still looked great.

“We looked like we knew what we were doing, and that was after taking lessons just four days before!” Sharon said.

Even though the day went quicker than expected, Sharon said it was still beautiful like she envisioned it would be.

They plan to go to Hawaii for their honeymoon, and possibly Japan and Taiwan next spring.

Catering: Pacific Connection
Cake: Moustache Bakery (Healdsburg)
Flowers: Jory’s Flowers (Concord)
Band: Cosmo Alleycats
Videographer: Kristina Johnsen
Dress: Janene’s Bridal (Alameda)
Coordinator: Milestone Events
Venue: Trentadue

Lake Tahoe Wedding – Sarah & Troy

Seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle, Sarah and Troy traveled to serene Lake Tahoe to say I do with a few of the most important people in their lives.

“We decided on Lake Tahoe because we both LOVE lake life. We love the calm and peaceful feel you get from being surrounded by a big beautiful lake. We love fishing and so do our families (dads). It meant a lot to us to be away from the hustle and bustle of our every day life in the Bay Area,” Sarah said. “Even though you can’t do much fishing at Lake Tahoe and we usually travel to smaller lakes to spend our time, it was the best place to accommodate everyone together and of course you just can’t beat the scenery. :-)”

The most awesome part of the day, they said, was “the 3-minute ceremony that everything led up to.”

Their ceremony was at a private beach house near Incline Village.

“It was just Troy and I and the people that mean the absolute most to us. There was nothing that could have been better than that feeling… (except when we met (their son) Louie of course! ;-)). It was so quick but will stay ingrained in my mind forever. The memories of our entire family all together and the pure happiness that was felt and surrounded everyone.”

She said they never could have imaged that everything would have gone as perfect as it did.

“Not one single thing went wrong. … The weather was perfect. I was so happy with my make up and hair (Zoe Jane salon done by Jayme). Everyone looked absolutely beautiful, everything was right on time, everyone was so happy and present, our dinner (Cocomoes drop-off catering done by owner Maurice) brought us even closer together after a heartfelt day, which was the perfect way to end it… good food, good drinks, perfect company. If we could do that day every weekend just the way it was for the rest of our lives, I think we’d be just fine with that. ;-)”

It was love at first sight for Troy.

“I knew that she was the one for me from our first conversations and I was even more sure after our first date,” he said. “We could talk for hours and shared a lot of the same opinions on everything that was important in our lives and our futures. Since we have been together my life has done nothing but get better and better. Together we have experienced things in our life that I never saw happening before I met her,” he said. “She has made a wonderful mother to our son and puts forth an unbelievable amount of effort into raising him. I am very fortunate to find such a great woman to spend the rest of my life with. Together we give each other the respect we deserve and both put everything we have into our love and our lives.”

Marrying Troy was the easiest and most natural thing Sarah said she has ever done.

“Troy is the best man I know. He’s honest, loyal, hardworking, caring, dependable, and all around wonderful. He deals with me better than anyone I’ve ever met, and, trust me, that’s not an easy task sometimes…;-)Sounds cliche but I really couldn’t imagine a better person to share my life with,” Sarah said. “He’s an incredible father to Louie, but that’s no surprise to anyone.;-)He’s a true partner in parenting and through all the difficult things life can throw at you. Troy is everything a man should be to me and I’m the luckiest girl in the world.”

Barone’s – Pleasanton – Kyle & Brittney’s Wedding

Several years ago, Brittney and Kyle spent their anniversary watching Forth of July fireworks from the front patio of a restaurant in Pleasanton. It was a special day, they said. They decided to return to this spot that holds an important place in their hearts for them to tie the knot.

On June 4, they were married in the gorgeous backyard at Barone’s.

Shortly before the ceremony, Brittney arrived at the restaurant on a bus with her bridesmaids dancing to rap music and ready to get the party started.

Kyle hadn’t seen his bride yet, and eagerly awaited her journey down the aisle.

“I was blown away by how great Britt looked in her dress,” he said.

She said it was a little too big, but it looked stunning.

Besides the journey in the bus with her girls and all the speeches, hearing Kyle’s vows were among Brittney’s favorite moments of the day.

“Kyle is a dedicated, hard worker who never gives up on anything. He’s fun to be around and chooses to surround himself with good friends and family,” Brittney said. “He is a very loving person and continues to surprise me even after being together for 5 years.”

Kyle says Brittney is his best friend.

“She’s very ambitious and doesn’t take no for an answer, she’s funny, smart, and easy to get along with,” he said.

It was a sweltering day when these two came together with friends and family to celebrate their love.

“The heat was surprising, but we got through it,” he said.

The temperature did not put a damper on the party. Kyle said the Telles family dance – where a huge group of his family members hit the floor at once and did a special dance – was one of his favorite moments, along with the speeches and seeing his bride walk down the aisle.

The couple says their day flowed perfectly, thanks to their great coordinator, Ashley.

“Yes, everything worked out great and even better than what I expected,” Kyle said.

For their honeymoon, they are headed to Croatia and then to Italy in August.

Venue: Barone’s –
Flowers: Shana Dragoo –
Hair: Lauren Garwood – Elle J Studio #5
Make-Up: Talie Carter –
Videographer: Aimee Rogers –
Band: Michael Beck Band –

Pacheco Ranch Winery – Novato – Adam & Stacey’s Wedding

A quaint winery nestled in the hills beautifully decorated with sunflowers and twinkly lights. Homemade bars with tasty home-brewed beer continuously flowing to keep guests cheerful and hydrated while the sun beat down. Everything was perfect … until the groom left in an ambulance.

Stacey and Adam are such a fun, positive couple along with their family and the close friends they surround themselves with, their wedding in Novato was still incredible and upbeat, despite the fact that he spent most of their reception in the hospital.

Was their wedding at Pacheco Ranch Winery how they anticipated it would be?

“For Adam, not at all. But outside of his plight, we thought the wedding felt very “us,” she said. “Our guests commented that every part of the wedding was completely Adam and Stacey. From the dress, to the beers, to the beautiful outdoor space, every detail was carefully thought through. We arrived at Pacheco on Wednesday and spent three days getting everything together with our wonderful friends and family acting as our support and labor.”

Their first look was one of their favorite moments of the day.

“It was such an emotional moment – even with the groomsmen in the distant background, many shirtless (because of the heat), watching and cheering our moment and betting on which one of us was going to cry (we both did),” she said.

The speeches and several dancing moments also were memorable.

“Three times stick out to us. Stacey’s first dance with her dad – they both have no rhythm but practiced for weeks and had so much fun dancing to My Girl and Tupelo Honey,” Adam said. “Our first dance together – Stacey’s brother Clay, wrote a song for us, sang and played it on his guitar. And the dance party – it was so fun dancing under the trees, with beers in hand, listening to DJ Clay who hand picked each song.”

The friend tunnel was also awesome.

“Our groomsmen organized a welcome back tunnel that we walked through when Adam returned from the hospital,” Stacey said. “Daft Punk’s Get Lucky (special song from spring skiing at Squaw) was playing and everyone was so happy to see us together for the first time. I don’t think you could have planned such a moment.”

Adam left for the hospital not long after the ceremony. Stacey thought that when the hair and makeup assistants didn’t show, it would be the worst thing to happen. However, the most ridiculously unanticipated moment that could happen was Adam leaving in an ambulance (Adam is fine now and potentially has a shellfish allergy.). … Adam definitely didn’t anticipate missing most of his wedding reception and Stacey didn’t think she’d be hosting solo. But he made it back and they were able to dance their first dance and hear their best friends’ amazing and hilarious speeches.

“Regarding the unfortunate situation I found myself in on the early hours of the afternoon of our wedding day: while most everyone was still under the impression that I was simply hungover from the evening before, I was reminded (and enthusiastic about, despite my state) why I was so in love with and marrying Stacey,” Adam said. “She was incredibly kind and concerned and seemingly, at least, not upset with my state and how the day was unfolding.”

Adam said him and Stacey just simply work really well together.

“It’s not just about when we are with each other, it’s also about how well we respond when we are apart. Stacey provides the freedom and encouragement for me to pursue the activities that define who I am, and I – hopefully – do the same for her. Whether we do those activities together (skiing, road biking, most things really), or apart (e.g. She’s a world-class swimmer while I am quite terrible at it and she’s not stoked on climbing knife ridges in the High Sierra, or mountain biking.). In addition, Stacey is wonderfully kind and super fun to be around. P.S. – A shout out to our friend Brendan Burkart for getting us together. It took a long time, but he was persistent and it paid off!”

Stacey says Adam is good at everything. (Except swimming, and he added he is horrendous at basketball).

“His nickname is JOAT (Jack of All Trades),” she said. “I love his adventurousness and the fact that he can’t sit still. He makes me laugh and is fun to be around. I just want to be around him all the time. We even bike to work together (we work about 2 miles apart). On a really good mountain bike I have.”

Beer is among the things Adam knows how to do well. He made the beer for their special day.

“I thought a lot about the beer and how the beer would be served. I went through many design iterations for the beer bars and it consumed a lot of my time,” he said. “We were very pleased with how the beer, beer cart, and beer bar turned out. It was always our goal to have friends and family help with our
wedding and create a feeling of community around our wedding. Our friend, Brendan, was a big help putting the beer bars together and we had two awesome guest brewers – David and Uncle Mark.”

Stacey’s parents know the owners of Pacheco Ranch, and it was the only venue the couple looked at.

“We fell in love with the outdoor space and blank canvas. We wanted to make the wedding personalized and the space provided that opportunity. We brought in almost everything, including the restrooms – which got rave reviews for the AC on a hot day. We even had our welcome dinner there the night before.”

They spent 10 days in Costa Rica for their honeymoon.

“First, we were with a group of 8 friends at a beach resort in Punta Islita on the Guanacaste coast. We spent our days enjoying tropical beverages in the pool, monkey-watching, and zip-lining. As we moved through Costa Rica we shedded friends until our final days in the mountains above San Jose, where we spent a few days by ourselves enjoying the rain forest, amazing food grown on site and the spa. It was the perfect compromise of beach and mountains.”

Venue: Pacheco Ranch Winery –

Caterer: Alta Cuisine –

Florist: Northgate Florist –

Cupcakes: Friend of the Bride, Diane

DJ: Bride’s Brother, Clay

Coordinator: Jaqui Chirino

Hair & Makeup: The Lounge –

Brewers: Groom, David, Mark

Restrooms: Royal Restrooms –